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A Guide to NAD+ For Aging and Wellness!

Many things contribute to aging, and it is generally accepted that it cannot be stopped once it has begun.

Metabolic dysfunction, loss of physiological capacity, and the rise of age-related illnesses are all symptoms of an organism getting on in age. It is shown by research that as a major part of biological processes and as a critical regulator of stress resistance, NAD+ plays a significant role in the aging process. 

Increased NAD+ levels seem to transmit health and longevity, whereas decreased levels are linked to faster aging and illness. Today, let’s examine NAD+ products, the difference between various treatments, and how they can help.

NAD+ Products by Stamina Hydration

Stamina Hydration offers various NAD+ products to help you as you move through life.

IV injections are offered for multiple purposes, including but not limited to hangovers, sunburns, jet lags, beauty, quick Hydration, weight loss, immunity boost, and more! There are also lip stat, immunity, Vitamin C and D, Peptides, B-12, and Glutathione injections.

Let’s Look At the Difference between Various Treatments

·         NAD+ IV Therapy

Infusion therapies are given straight into the veins. Because NAD is administered intravenously, it is absorbed without any loss. Your cells may start using NAD right away.

·         Injection

NAD is also available in the form of NAD injections for those who want to get rid of brain fog and maximize their sports performance. Patients who may not have the time to devote to an IV infusion of NAD may nevertheless experience its stimulating, energy-boosting benefits in as little as an hour.

The effects of these therapies are felt immediately, unlike pills or capsules, making them a viable alternative to longer treatment times.

·         Cream

When your body doesn’t have enough NAD+, your skin is more vulnerable to non-melanoma skin cancer, DNA damage, and the effects of aging. Applying an NAD+ cream will provide your skin cells the fuel they need to keep their DNA in good shape and defend themselves from harmful UV rays.

·         Nasal Spray

Anyone who isn’t keen on self-injection or intravenous infusion has a nasal alternative.

Patients who want to enhance neurological processes, enhance attention and memory, and eliminate brain fog would benefit greatly from this intranasal spray since it provides faster access to brain cells. Self-administration of NAD nasal spray is simple and convenient since it may be sent straight to the patient’s house.

Here’s Why You Need NAD+ Products

The main explanation for the decrease in NAD+ that occurs with aging is twofold. One, NAD+ production decreases with aging. Additionally, NAD+ is depleted because of inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage. Numerous cellular functions that rely on NAD+ are therefore affected. 

It has been shown that low levels of NAD+ play a significant role in a wide range of age-related illnesses. Healthy cellular metabolism declines when NAD+ levels drop.

Loss of muscle tone, diminished exercise ability, obesity, fragility, etc., are all common consequences of this process. NAD+ depletion has been linked to several age-related illnesses; hence, providing your body with the required fluids is essential for a healthier and optimum life.

How NAD+ Can Help You

Regardless of your preference, unite the anti-aging and cognitive-reviving properties that characterize NAD and help you regain your former level of performance. If you’re always on the go, you may find that taking these infusions can save you time and provide you with a boost of natural energy.

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