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Benefits of NAD Treatment

NAD treatments helps boost energy levels, reduce overall fatigue, and restore muscle function to improve athletic performance. NAD also plays a role in anti-aging treatments. The aging process can impact every body system.

NAD, otherwise known as the acronym for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is an essential coenzyme that is the power behind the metabolic processes and systems throughout the body that include digestion, cognition, mental clarity, aging, and overall energy levels. NAD IV treatments can improve depression, brain and neurological function, mental clarity, and brain regeneration. NAD IV treatments can also boost energy levels, reduce overall fatigue, and restore muscle function to improve athletic performance. NAD also plays a role in anti-aging treatments. The aging process can impact every body system.

NAD is a coenzyme that can be found in just about every cell within the body and plays a crucial role in many processes. The most significant role NAD plays within the body is the oxidation reduction redox reactions. These reactions are responsible for converting the food we eat into the energy the body needs to function properly. Another important role NAD plays is the regulation of circadian and metabolic rhythm. NAD maintains DNA integrity and functions as a quality control mechanism for new proteins being created. NAD plays a role in metabolism, referring to the amount of energy that is expended to maintain the body. Metabolism function decreases with age leading to weight gain and lower energy levels. NAD can increase metabolic function improving weight loss and overall energy levels.

Along with all of the other functions NAD serves, a significant role is anti-aging. On a cellular level, NAD works with the powerhouse of the cell known as the mitochondria. While working with the mitochondria, it increases the length of the telomeres. The end of the telomeres are protective caps that become shorter with age. NAD has shown to increase the activity of SIRT1 and PARP1 proteins. 6 These proteins are linked with a slower rate of aging. The body naturally produces NAD, but the overall levels of NAD decline over time as we age. NAD can correct any existing damage and can regulate inflammation that damages DNA over time. By restoring NAD, the body can improve the overall physical appearance, health, and quality of life.

NAD increases the body’s levels of a neurotransmitter known as serotonin. Serotonin is associated with regulating mood and improving symptoms of depression and anxiety. NAD is effective for individuals who are undergoing therapies for substance abuse and addiction recovery. For example, NAD treatments have shown to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms by providing the body with energy and boosting brain regeneration. NAD detoxifies the body and replaces the essential vitamins and nutrients that can become depleted when individuals need to recover from substance abuse. Which in turn, can help overcome cravings and prevent the risk of relapse.

NAD IV treatments contain a specialized saline solution that contains a concentrated dose of NAD that is delivered straight into the bloodstream. Once it is delivered into the bloodstream it is immediately available for the cell’s use. NAD bypasses the digestive system and the metabolic system, therefore there is a 100% absorption rate.

A major hallmark of aging is the decline in cognitive ability such as dementia, decreased focus, and memory. NAD helps the brain stay in the best condition by rejuvenating and restoring the brain’s function by boosting sirtuins. Sirtuins are proteins that function as an anti-aging mechanism that slow the effect of neurodegenerative diseases and natural cognitive decline. 1 The combination of NAD and sirtuins form a protection against toxins in the body and improve the resistance to stress in cells. NAD plays an important role in the regulation of the SIRP2 family which is responsible for influencing lifespan and aging. 6

NAD IV treatments can provide varieties of benefits and help people with a variety of conditions. These conditions can range from recovering from addiction, substance abuse, or alcoholism. The benefits from NAD consist of restoring muscle strength and function, boosting a weight loss regimen, and reducing fatigue to improve the overall energy levels. Even though NAD can assist these medical conditions, individuals don’t have to wait until they are experiencing these medical conditions to seek NAD IV therapy.

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